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Monday, October 25, 2010

final exam...

few weeks to go before I sit for final exam..
but the worst thing is I haven't study yet...

a)literature and language learning (8/11/10)

b)falsafah dan pendidikan di Malaysia (10/11/10)

c)hubungan etnik (12/11/10)

d)komunikasi dan pengucapan profesional (13/11/10)

e)teaching writing skills (15/11/10)

f)teaching listening and speaking (18/11/10)

g)lakonan teater (20/11/10)

h)grammar in context (26/11/10)

this week if the last week for all lectures...
do I have enough time to study?? yes I have if I stop doing unnecessary thing like;

6.playing games

what else??
hurmm..so many things can avoid me from study..
so I have to put all those things aside for a while...
but the problem is, I can't resist them..huhu...

know what??
I have a lot of time today..
normally my class will start at 8am today..
but on certain reason, my class will start at 2.30pm..
so, i have time to open my book right..but I didn't..
once i open my eyes, i start facebooking...
when I start facebooking, I will play games in the facebook..
after that,continue with blogging...

i think i have to train myself to avoid all those things for a while..
please be disciplined NUR ATHIRAH BINTI MOHAMMAD...
ok..gtg...please pray for my final ok..=)

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