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Sunday, October 24, 2010

new life new campus!!!!

Almost 4 months i have been here. Too far from my family. Yeah. I miss them. Damn miss.

But there are no many things I can do instead of calling them at least once a week.

Sometimes, i also having homesick. Feel like I want to fly to Pahang a.s.a.p. especially

when i am under stress due to a lot of assignments and busy with all rubbish things. If only I

have the opportunity to do such that thing, I will.. I swear I will.. but like I said..Nothing

much I can do.

Enough with that sad part.. wanna share bout my campus... I am proud to say that I love

UMS.. Perhaps U alls know, I am a photogenic.. so,I can snap picture everywhere in UMS..

even by road side..I swear.. the scenery is soooooooooooooo beautiful. That is why UMS got title


the most beautiful campus among universities.. sorry.. thats is not my word. But,KPM...=) I

am proud to be one of UMS’ students.

Living in UMS without vehicles is challenging.. I have to wake up early in the morning at

least 2 hours before class starts. 1 hour to prepare myself. N the rest to wait for the bus..

urrmm..what i mean is,its not 1 hour to wait for the bus.. but include the time taken to walk

from my room to bus stop.. it will take about 3-5 mins to walk...so the rest is time to wait

for the invisible bus..=) it is not so challenging.. the most challenging time is when

everyone is pushing one another to get into the bus.. the victim is me.. I am small compared

to others.. they just think about themselves.. I think it is much better if they let me get in


within this four years i will make sure I am going to have fun at Kundasang,

Sepilok n of course..Gunung Kinabalu... instead of KK, I have been at Tambunan.. don’t

want to go again..=(..bad experience.. I am not so active here..Jus follow the flow here.. but

so far, I have been joint so many activities like DELEGASI RAMADAN,held at Tambunan,

SEMEREKA a.k.a Semarak Merdeka n many others. The most interesting thing is I am in

theatre team for my Co-currculum.. enjoy in that class..

hurm.. don’t have pics of UMS to show to u... sorry...=( later on k...

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