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Sunday, October 24, 2010

terrible day vs superb day...

went to theatre class yesterday was a mess for me.
I am in charge to find all those costumes and acsesories for the actors..
So,I had spent a few days,walking around KK to find all those things..
I went with my crewmates, Lenny and Dervina..
I also went with my coarsemates, Rahman and Yusma..
So yesterday, I brought all the things to the class...
but, the actors keep complaining..
they want another things..not that one..
hello!!!can u appreciate all our hardworks??
walking in KK at 2pm,it is not a good time ok..
under the hot sun, improper attire...
they spoilt my mood yesterday...
but luckily, my friends cheer my day..
we went out after class yesterday...
credit to
Lenny, Dervina, Lan, Jasri, Shahrul and Mira..
thanks guys...
having fun at Wisma Merdeka, KK plaza, Centrepoint, Pasar Filipin n Pasar malam..
talking about pasar malam..
we ate in one table with a couple from Korea...=)
walked here and there,snapped pic..
cant upload the pics because we used lan's hndphne..
but, we missed the bus to go to UMS..
so we used bas to Sepanggar..
normally, they only send UMS's students outside the campus..
but, Lenny is the only one from Kg E..
too far from our place, Kg AB n Kg. CD.
and forsure it is dangerous...
so we decided to ask the driver to send us until in our college..
the driver agree but we had to add RM1 which make it RM3.
never mind as long as our friend is safe..
the story began when the guard stopped the bus..
he asked UMS's students to get down from the bus..
the bus doesn't have the permit to enter UMS...
so, we got free lecture from the guard..thanks ya...
but,our money...we want our money..
so,we had to walk from the main entrance to our college..
at first,we decided to wait for the bus.
But,it was weekend. the bas are rarely find UMS during weekend..
the problem is,how about Lenny..
finally,we decided to sent Lenny first..
then come back to our college..
my leg was so hurt..
just imagined..
we already walked in KK..
then walked in UMS..
from the main entrance to kg E,come back to our Kg, it is about 10KM..
can u imagine???
but,its ok..as long as Lenny is safe right??
her safety is much more important...

thanks to my friends for cheering my day..
my mood totally spoiled yesterday but u alls made me smile again..=)

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