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Thursday, November 4, 2010

hey you!!!!!

hey you..yes..you.. I am talking to you okay...
why?? why you so serious??
we just kidding okay..
don' take it to heart..
but seems you already done it..
you make us feel guilty okay..
okay fine..you are sensitive..
so, it is just me who have to take care of your feeling??
how about my feeling??
my feeling when you complaining while I am cooking??
complaining my way to cook and whatsoever????
i know I can't cook like a pro..
or better i say this way...
i cant cook like YOU..
you are so professional...
but at least, i make a go okay..
have you ever think about that??
yeah..i just keep quiet..
but deeply, I was hurt okay..
sorry to say...
I WAS HURT!!!!!!!!!
but, because of the small thing, you was hurt..
sorry but you are..
i don't like people like that.. sorry to say...

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