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Thursday, February 3, 2011


1. Second Language Acquisition
a) Individual work (written assignment)
-issues on SLA
b) Group work (presentation)
- Natural route of development

2. Pengantar Falsafah
a) Kerja individu
- Friedrich Schlegel (kenal x sape ni??)
b) Kerja berkumpulan
- Teori evolusi Darwin

a) kerja berkumpulan
-nilai-nilai dalam epik mahabratha

4. Teaching reading skills
a) group of 3
- reading lesson plan
b) group of 3
- reading intensive project
c) group of 4
- problem in reading

hye guys...
all above are my assignments..
assignments that I dont know how to do...
perhaps because I cant find da books which is related..
or perhaps, because I am too lazy to think bout that..
I have to be more hardworking..
Have to..Have to..Have to...

okay..Cahaya...wake up from ur dream...

but I am too sleepy n lazy..

Cahaya...they are not others...
they are ur works..ur responsible....

okok...fine.... wake up now...
but....5 minutes more...Can????

p/s:no motive....

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